The VX 520 EMV terminal comes enabled with our custom software and advanced security measures that can be used for both online and face-to-face transactions. With this system in place, merchants are able to process transactions faster and safer using message-level encryption or P2PE. This new security feature with EMV chip and PIN entry assigns each transaction a unique code, so customer data is more secure than ever and merchants are protected.

A competitive edge.

Want to increase sales and boost customer retention? With our custom software, you can:

  • Create detailed customer profiles to help you predict spending habits
  • Identify potential sales opportunities
  • Link each credit card transaction to input fields, customizable for your business
  • Keep track of invoice numbers, purchase card level 2 prompts, and other data
  • Create detailed reports that drive customized marketing campaigns
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your communication efforts and boost repeat business

Benefits of  REVVSAHRE EMV Terminal System

  • VX 520 EMV terminal
  • Create custom customer data entry using user-generated fields
  • Authorize and track Purchase Card Level 2 prompts
  • Message Level Encryption (P2PE) – Point to Point Encryption
  • No time-consuming software updates. All updates are free and automatic.
  • EMV Certified
  • Centralized online reporting
  • Collect important data on all transactions, create reports
  • Remote Hierarchy access for reporting
  • Host close of terminal batch