Vitapay | Zero Fee Processing

Spend your time wisely, not worrying about credit card fees. Find out how with Zero Fee Processing by REVVSHARE.

Vitapay | Accept Mobile Payments

Don’t have a brick and mortar shop? We are here to help. Accept mobile payments or credit cards from anywhere.

Vitapay | Secure Payments Online

Accepting payments online can be exhausting and expensive. Let us help you make it alot easier and cost effective to maximize profits.

Vitapay | 24/7 Custommer Support

24/7 Customer Support

You shouldn’t have to wait for Monday to fix a Saturday problem. Our support team works around the clock to make sure you have someone you can rely on.

Secure Data Storage

REVVSHARE StorageSafe signature tokenization technology.

StorageSafe keeps merchants and their customers protected from data theft by storing credit card information off-site in a state of the art security center. Our advanced protocols and safety measures ensure safe, encrypted transactions every time. This encryption process results less hassle, reduction of PCI scope and peace of mind for our customers and yours.

Vitapay | Secure Data Storage